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Our Services

We build fantastic things, but our services don’t stop there.
Take a look at what else we can do for you.


We are specialized in the testing and certification of HVAC systems. Using the latest technology, standards and instrumentation, our specialized group of engineers and technicians perform all necessary tests and adjustments to certify, modify or design in order to obtain required systems performance found for industry, hospital and commercial applications. Due to the engineering support, J&J is capable to deal with unexpected situations where the systems components or design have to be altered with prompt action and effectively. All works are supervised and certified by licensed engineers specialized in this field and using standards and procedures of the most recognized agencies and related organizations for the testing and balancing specialization.

Our HVAC services include the following for your heating/cooling systems:

Estimate on new Installations
Order and Delivery
Installation and Setup
Operation and Maintenance
Replacement and Recycling

We also provide annual maintenance contracts to save time and money of our valued customers.


Maintaining optimal security is an integral part of any business that not only protects your employees, but your assets as well.
Whether you’re a single industrial building or a multi-campus healthcare facility, you need a custom designed and technologically advanced security system based on your company’s specific needs.
We focus on the design, deployment and maintenance of IP based security systems and network infrastructure.
Supported by a highly skilled and proven technical team, AL SHEHRI is well positioned to respond to the growing demands in nhvsical securitv. by providing fullv integrated and scalable electronic security systems.

Our Integrated security systems services include the following:

Professional CCTV Systems
Optical Fiber Communication Systems
Home Network. Audio/Video Door Phone, Interphone.
Proximity & Finger Print Recognition System
Hand Punch Recognition System
Professional Access Control & Door Entry System
Professional Fire Alarm System
Fire Fighting System
Intelligent Communication Solutions, PBX Central System
Library Electronic Management System
Public Address System
Nurse Call System
Professional Intrusion Alarm System
Metal Detection System
Anti-Shop Lifting System
Hotel Card Lock System
Road Barriers, Road Bollards, Road Blockers, Tire Killer & UVIS
Parking Management Systems
Structured Cabling System

We also provide annual maintenance contracts to save time and money of our valued customers.


Our approach is to provide you with the most innovative and cost effective service within the electrical industry. We pride ourselves on providing honest and reliable electrical solutions. We can provide a diverse range of top quality services and installations.

AL SHEHRI has the ability to cater for all of your electrical needs ranging from emergency repairs to complete fit-outs with no limitations. Our experienced staff will ensure that all your electrical requirements are fulfilled to your expectations.

With our dedication to great customer service before, during and after the job has been completed, excellent quality and knowledgeable star, why wouldn’t you choose AL SHEHRI for all your electrical needs?

Our Electrical services include the following:

Estimate on new installations.
New installations.
Preventive Maintenance Programs.
Predictive Maintenance Programs.
Shutdown Planning and Coordination.
Switch Boards.
Switch Gears.
Electrical Distribution Panel Maintenance.
Motor Control Centers / Motor Controls.
LED Lighting.
Incandescent Systems.
Troubleshooting Wiring.
Programmable Logic Controller.
Programming All Makes And Models.

We also provide annual maintenance contracts to save time and money of our valued customers.


At AL SHEHRI we offer our customers a complete solution. All electrical and plumbing work done by the qualified and certified engineers. Whatever is required, ACE Heating and Electrical Solutions will have the perfect solution – from new installations to repairs, periodical preventative maintenance and emergency call outs.

The key to our success is that we deliver a high quality service and only use the best products available the market. And that is the reason why AL SHEHRI is recognized in the region for their unrivalled services and quality. We are proud that our staff is highly qualified and client focused as well as professional and friendly.

This is important as our clients always come first.

Our Plumbing Services include the following:

Water plumbing
Installation, removal, repair and maintenance of hot and cold water pipes and fittings.
Sanitary plumbing.
Installation, removal, renewal, repair and maintenance of pipes, including ventilation of those pipes fittings to receive and convey sewage.
Installation, removal, repair and maintenance of storm water and waste pipes and fittings.
Mechanical services
Work on heating, cooling or ventilation of buildings which may include installation, removal, repair and maintenance of pipes, valves, regulators, tanks, evaporative cooling, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
Installation, renewal, repair and maintenance of roof coverings and roof water systems such as gutters rainwater piping and downpipes
Gas services
Installation, disconnection, repair and maintenance of pipes, fittings, appliances and associated ventilation equipment involving gases such as fuel, liquefied petroleum, manufactured and natural gases.
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